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Harun Tekdal

Harun Tekdal

 I was born in 1993 in Turkey and i grown up in İstanbul. I loved reading comics when I was a kid, then i tried to imitate those comic books so my comic adventure started. In 2009, my first cartoons were published in Penguen magazine. Until I started university in 2012, I drew cartoons in LeMan magazine. On the other hand, I was studying design at Ada Sanat. These design and art history lessons influenced my view of art and I wanted to focus on painting. Then i started Trakya University Fine Arts Painting Department, during this period, I worked with many techniques such as oil paint, gravure, stone print and stained glass.
I was impressed by establishing various analogies among the fields I was interested in, while I was experimenting in this field, I realized that the most convenient way to express myself was digital illustration and I concentra…

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